Ghosts in the city
CLIENT: OP Perfomance Arts Company
2Brains teams up with OP Performance Arts Company concepting and creating works for upcoming digital campaign GHOSTS IN THE CITY.
Brief: Connect with theatre goers, arts-oriented audience, intellectuals and artists, kick start pan-european artists online network, engage users with rich media content, communicate OP work and other activities to broader audience.
Activities: Website, microsite, teaser, game, social media marketing and networking, viral campaign
The Co-create project
CLIENT: Coca-Cola UK
2Brains creates comps and illustrations for "The Co-Create Project" and Coca-Cola UK (with Iris London).
Brief: Introduce the concept of co-creation / creating with recycled materials. Communicate co-creation for fashion, product design, music, film, sports and arts to 16-24 teenagers and inspire them to co-create, publish online and get exposure. Co-create and vote for hottest co-creation. Showcasing hottest co-creation of the day. Celebrity recycled co-creation (next generation coke cans by Philippe Starck).
Activities: Digital, PR and experiential channels, social media marketing and networking. Sponsored by Channel 4 Entertainment.
Man Pollutes Baby (50x70cm, mixed media)
CLIENT: 2Brains
Association of Illustration AOI UK selects "Man Pollutes Baby" illustration to feature in November' 09 Newsletter.
“MPB” theme is based on two concept layers. The first one deals with environmental issues and the future of our planet in general. The second layer illustrates the relationship of man with his own dreams and expectations from life. It is a personal project from currently developing art book DEEP EXCAVATIONS featuring illustrations and artworks through a variety of media including collage, photography, writing and painting.